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Fred Ferenczi

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Fred began stand-up in 2011 and refused to stop and has now done a lot of gigs, all over the UK, and one in Monteaux, Switzerland, probably getting on for 900.  He has performed at little pub gigs, up to festival comedy tents.  He gets a lot of return gigs.  Its hard to categorise Fred (me) (this third person is bit weird isn't it?).  Certainly very different than your average gagsmith, a little bit surreal, somewhat dark occassionally, maybe a bit anti-comedian.  The act has developed over the years and Fred (me) is now considerably more accessible, hence he (me) gets better and bigger spots including on all-pro line-ups at well-known clubs like Glee; however Fred (me) is still distinctly weird and, as Steve Bennett said, "quite the cult".